Do you have a drone?

Yes, I do! I absolutely love adding drone shots to show the beauty of your surroundings on your wedding day. As long as weather permits and FAA rules apply, you can bet on me to be flying the drone!

Can you pick the music?

Typically I will pick the music on the feel of the bride and groom while I am editing. I pick my music from a variety of online music licencing websites. Having said that, if you have to have a certain song, please let me know and I will try my best to have it for you!

Can you capture the vows?

Yes, I can! I have a collection of professional audio equipment. Usually, I will hook a lav mic to the Groom. That will capture the bride, groom, and officiant talking. If by chance you have a microphone to talk into, I can also hook a mic up to the DJ's soundboard to get audio through there as well!

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